Ordering Pizza In The Future [Video]

This is a short America Civil Liberties Union video from 2006. If it seemed like an extreme scenario when it was first made, it looks far more likely now.

Look At What I’m Saying, Not What I’m Doing [KitBits 17.5]

Update, 24/3/2017: A privacy policy has appeared on the Data Summit Dublin website.  It mentions the UK Companies Act 2006 and a possible fee of ten of the Queen’s best British pounds for a subject access request. It also seems that personal information collected by Happening Conferences will not be shared with the Department of…

Find My Phone [Video]

Some slightly unsettling Sunday morning viewing. The tracking device in your pocket knows an astonishing amount.

The Man Who Invented The Web Agrees [KitBits 17.4]

The web has turned twenty eight. Tim Berners-Lee, the man who invented the web, has a few thoughts on the challenges that face it. Number one on his list is ‘We’ve lost control of our personal data’. The current business model for many websites offers free content in exchange for personal data. Many of us…

February Roundup

This month it’s mostly about data ending up in rather places it has no business being. 1. Weaponised Information In The Bay Area This month the great and good of the world of information security gathered for their annual knees-up, the RSA Conference in San Francisco. This was, of course, shortly after the inauguration of…