Use Firefox

Firefox provides better privacy and security options than all other widely used browsers, including the world’s most popular browser, Google Chrome. The greatest privacy issue with Chrome is that it sends large amounts of information back to Google. Google is interested in gathering every miniscule piece of information about you, your life and your interests and adding these to its growing profile of you. (If you’re happy enough with that, or you don’t want to switch to another browser, here are some tips for improving your privacy while continuing to use Chrome.)

Firefox is made by the Mozilla Foundation, a non-profit which is committed to high privacy standards and open access to the Web for all.

Firefox is available for desktop machines and mobile devices. Even if you have an Android device that doesn’t work with the Google Play Store – an Amazon Fire for example – you can still install the experimental Aurora version of Firefox.

Mozilla recently launched a new version of Firefox for iOS called Focus which places a particular emphasis on user privacy and automatically blocks many of the trackers that spy on you while you browse the Web.

+ Main Firefox download page (Desktop, Android, iOS)

+ Firefox Focus for iOS


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