The purpose of this site is to provide you, a human, with some relevant tips and tools to protect your privacy from the prying eyes of other humans and machines. It also will hopefully provide some down-to-earth translations of privacy and data protection news into plain and understandable English.

Part of the inspiration for the name of the site came from an anthology of poetry called Emergency Kit, which is subtitled ‘Poems For Strange Times’. We live in strange times where the volume of capturable and storable information each of us creates just by being in the world. So in addition to the site providing some tools that could fit in a kit, the name worked in that sense too.

(Emergency Kit: Poems For Strange Times is still in print)


Privacy Kit is made with 💚 in Dublin, Ireland. You mightn’t know it but Ireland is a very important tiny island in the fight for reasonable levels of digital privacy for individuals. Lots of the most enthusiastic corporate acquirers of personal data are located here, so the Irish Data Protection Commissioner is responsible for regulating them and acting as an advocate on behalf of all the European citizens’ personal data that they use to make money. Not that we feel this makes us any more qualified than anyone else to throw our opinion around, but we are closer to some of the action, so to speak.


Loughlin O’Nolan has a background of more years than he’d like to mention, stretching back into the last century working in various roles in various corners of the technology industry. From web development to mobile content, and online games to core network telecoms software. Usually involving whipping words supplied by engineers or sales people into a shape understandable by regular folk. None of it was anywhere near as exciting as it might sound.

Twitter: @loughlin // Email: loughlin [at] myprivacykit [dot] com