Add Some Addons

Addons are small programs that add extra functionality to your web browser. They are simple to install and can increase your privacy as you browse and use the web. Here are two you should start with. We’ll suggest a few more later on once you’re comfortable with using these and are interested in increasing your privacy even more.

Privacy Badger

Made by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Privacy Badger blocks ads and tracking cookies. It is available for Firefox, Chrome and other browsers, so don’t worry if you haven’t switched from Chrome to Firefox. If you’re concerned about paying for the content you read via the ads you’re shown you can easily add the sites whose ads you want to see to a whitelist. Get it here.

HTTPS Everywhere

Many of the people who make websites want to gather as much of your personal information as they can and are not interested in protecting your privacy. Many of them are also incompetent and haven’t enabled HTTPS. The HTTPS Everywhere addon, also from the Electronic Frontier Foundation makes every website you visit switch to a more secure type of communication if this is available. Get it here.

+ HTTPS (Wikipedia)

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